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All You Need to Know About Different Ways to Give a Facelift to Your Fireplace

It is a fact that during the month of winters, we get great comfort and warmth from the use of fireplace. It automatically sets the serene atmosphere and warmth that rejuvenates our senses. In fact, we try to make sure that our fireplaces look wonderful and are most perceptible when one enters the room.

But during the summer season, however the fireplace does not look so appealing to the room as it is not functional and looks like a gaping hole no matter how attractive the mantel is.

Several things are there that can help camouflage it during the summer months. You can certainly make use of various camouflaging fire screens that can be made from a variety of materials. These can also be matched with the theme of your room, if floral design is your theme then you can easily make a pretty screen that follows this same trend. You are free to choose any type of canvas, any material just to get a simple frame that is large enough to cover your complete area surrounding the fireplace.Another …

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